Results of the 26 May 2019 European elections

Political PartiesEuropean affiliation Number of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
Northern League, LN Identity and Democracy9 148 11234.33 %28
Democratic Party, PD S&D6 047 11822.69 %19
5 Stars Movement M5S EFDD4 549 99917.07 %14
Forza Italia EPP2 344.4658.79 %7
Brothers of Italy – National AllianceECR1 722 2546.46 %5
Südtiroler VolksparteiEPP141 353 0.53%1

List of MEPs

European’s People Party - EPP
Isabelle ADINOLFIForza Italia
Caterina CHINNICIForza Italia
Lara COMIForza Italia
Salvatore DE MEOForza Italia
Herbert DORFMANNForza Italia
Fulvio MARTUSCIELLOForza Italia
Alessandra MUSSOLINIForza Italia
Aldo PATRICIELLOForza Italia
Francesca PEPUCCIForza Italia
Massimiliano SALINIForza Italia
Lucia VUOLOForza Italia
Stefania ZAMBELLIForza Italia
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats - S&D
Pietro BARTOLODemocratic Party
Brando BENIFEIDemocratic Party
Mercedes BRESSODemocratic Party
Beatrice COVASSIDemocratic Party
Paolo DE CASTRODemocratic Party
Elisabetta GUALMINIDemocratic Party
Camilla LAURETIDemocratic Party
Alessandra MORETTIDemocratic Party
Pina PICIERNODemocratic Party
Giuliano PISAPIAIndependant
Franco ROBERTIDemocratic Party
Daniela RONDINELLIDemocratic Party
Massimiliano SMERIGLIODemocratic Party
Inrene TINAGLIDemocratic Party
Patriza TOIADemocratic Party
Achille VARIATIDemocratic Party
Renew Europe - RE
Nicola DANTIViva Italia
Giuseppe FERRANDINOAction
Marco ZULLOIndependant
Greens/European Free Alliance - Greens-EFA
Ignazio CORRAOIndependant
Rosa D'AMATOIndependant
Piernicola PEDICINIIndependant
European Conservatives and Reformists - ECR
Sergio BERLATOBrothers of Italy
Sergio BERLATOBrothers of Italy
Carlo FIDANZABrothers of Italy
Pietro FIOCCHIBrothers of Italy
Chiara GEMMABrothers of Italy
Giuseppe MILAZZOBrothers of Italy
Denis NESCIBrothers of Italy
Nicola PROCACCINIBrothers of Italy
Vincenzo SOFOBrothers of Italy
Raffaele STANCANELLIBrothers of Italy
Identity and Democracy - ID
Matteo ADINOLFILega Nord
Alessandra BASSOLega Nord
Angelo CIOCCALega Nord
Paolo BORCHIALega Nord
Massimo CASANOVALega Nord
Susanna CECCARDILega Nord
Angelo CIOCCALega Nord
Rosanna CONTELega Nord
Gianantonio DA RELega Nord
Gianna GANCIALega Nord
Paola GHIDONILega Nord
Valentino GRANTLega Nord
Danilo Oscar LANCINILega Nord
Elena LIZZILega Nord
Alessandro PANZALega Nord
Antonio Maria RINALDILega Nord
Maria Veronica ROSSILega Nord
Silvia SARDONELega Nord
Annalisa TARDINOLega Nord
Isabella TOVAGLIERILega Nord
Marco ZANNILega Nord
Non-attached members
Tiziana BEGHIN5 Stars Movement
Fabio Massimo CASTALDO5 Stars Movement
Andrea COZZOLINO5 Stars Movement
Maria Angela DANZI5 Stars Movement
Francesca DONATO5 Stars Movement
Laura FERRARA5 Stars Movement
Mario FURORE5 Stars Movement
Matteo GAZZINI5 Stars Movement
Dino GIARRUSSO5 Stars Movement
Sabrina PIGNEDOLI5 Stars Movement
Piernicola PEDICINI5 Stars Movement


Electoral Procedures for 2024

> Election Dates : 9 June 2024
> Number of MEPs : 76
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 25 years
> Who can vote? European citizens living in Italy.


Electoral rules

> Voting method : Preferential vote
> Means for attributing seats : Whole shares and highest remainder
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? Oui
> Number of constituencies: 5
> Number MEPs per constituency : Centrale (15) ; Insulare (8) ; Meridionale (18) ; Nord-occidentale (20) ; Nord-orientale (15)


Institutions and political situation

Republic, parliamentary democracy

– Head of State: Sergio Mattarella

– President of the Council: Giorgia Meloni


> Currency : Euro
> GDP : € 1 909 153 million (2022)
> GDP per capita (PPS) : € 32 390 (2022)
> GDP Growth : -0.4% (Q2 2023)
> Unemployment: 7.3% (August 2023)
> Inflation : 5.3% (September 2023)
> Public Debt : 140.4% of the GDP (2023)


Geography and population

Surface Area: 301,340 km²

Population: 58.8 million inhabitants (2023)


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