Results of the 26 May 2019 European elections

Political partiesEuropean affiliationNumber of votesPercentage of votesNumber of seatsTrend compared with 2014
Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, TS-LKD EPP19.74%3
Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, LSDP S&D15.88%2
Farmers and Greens Union Greens/EFA12.56%2
Labour Party, DP Renew Europe8.99%1
Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania Renew Europe6.59%1
Electoral Committee "Ausros Maldeikienes"6.51%1
Coalition Christian Families Alliance - Lithuanian Russian UnionECR5.50%1

List of MEPs

European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Rasa JUKNEVIČIENĖTėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai
Andrius KUBILIUSTėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai
Aušra MALDEIKIENĖTėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai
Liudas MAŽYLISTėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai
Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Juozas OLEKASSocial Democratic Party of Lithuania
Vilija BLINKEVIČIŪTĖSocial Democratic Party of Lithuania
Renew Europe - RE
Petras AUŠTREVIČIUSLiberal Movement
Greens/European Free Alliance
Bronis ROPĖLithuanian Peasant and Greens Union
Stasys JAKELIŪNASIndependant
European Conservatives and Reformists
Waldemar TOMAŠEVSKIElectoral Action of Poles in Lithuania
Viktor USPASKICHDarbo partija


Electoral Procedures for 2024

Election Dates : 9 June 2024
> Number of MEPs : 11
> At what age can one vote? 18 years
> At what age can one be elected? 21 years
> Who can vote? European citizens living in Lithuania


Electoral rules

> Voting method : Preferential vote
> Means for attributing seats : Méthode d’Hagenbach- Bischoff Method
> Can candidates be chosen from a list? Yes


Institutions and political situation

Democratic parliamentary republic
– Head of State : Gitanas Nauseda
– Prime Minister :Ingrida Simonytė



> Currency : Euro
> GDP : €66 791 million (2022)
> GDP per capita (PPS) : €14 970 (2022)
> GDP Growth : 0.5% (2023)
> Unemployment: 8.3% (September 2023)
> Inflation : 3.7% (September 2023)
> Public Debt : 38.4% of GDP (December 2022)


Geography and population

– Surface Area : 65 300km² (source : The CIA World Factbook)
– 2.65 million inhabitants (2023 est.)


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